News Flash! Our new album - Will You Be There? - is now finished and will be released in November 2021. More to follow.

O’Connell & Love
is the latest incarnation of Larry Love (Alabama 3)  and his long-time songwriting partner Brendan O'Connell, who co-wrote much of Larry's first solo album, Ghost Flight, released under the name of Robert Love in 2006. Kris Kristofferson credited  Ghost Flight as 'one of the best debuts I've ever heard.'  

After spending much time playing acid country house on the road with Alabama 3, Love approached O'Connell to produce this follow up to Ghost Flight. Their anticipated follow-up album Minesweeping, was released on Mountmellick Music on 6th July 2015.

With guest vocalists as diverse as Rumer, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Tenor Fly, Pete Doherty, Aurora Dawn and June Miles-Kingston,  Minesweeping is an eclectic box of songwriting treasures that have been seven years in the making.

In the same way that Johnny Cash marshalled Rick Rubin (hip hop / electro pioneer) to oversee his final and majestic “American Recordings” sessions, O’Connell & Love were determined to nail the lie that only a bona fide folk/country/blues producer was worthy of the Minesweeping project.

Consequently, and determined to ‘urbanise’ their take on all things folk, they corralled the legendary dance producer Wizard (a.k.a. Greg Fleming) to oversee the recording process. Famed for his work with the Chemical Brothers , Dizzee Rascal, X-Press 2, Wiley, DJ Fresh, M.I.A./Diplo, Lyza J, Chase & Status and a host of other dancefloor luminaries, Wizard's unique approach places Minesweeping in a category all of its own…folk music with a hand grenade!